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Adopt a Cat

One of the most rewarding things any cat lover can do, is adopt a cat or kitten from an animal shelter.  At any one time we have many felines looking for their new home and family.

The adoption fees we charge are designed to offset our costs of placing the animal up for adoption.

You may be able to take the cat home on the day of adoption if he/she is already desexed and microchipped and has no further surgical requirements.

Many of our animals are desexed upon adoption, which allows the animal to recover from surgery in the comfort of your home.

Once you have paid the adoption fee, we place the cat into our Vet Clinic for the next available surgery.

On the day of the surgery (desexing), we arrange for you to collect your pet from our vet clinic so that he/she can recover in the comfort of your home. All our pets come with a 7 day basic health cover.