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2016 Annual Report

Everyone in Geelong has a Geelong Animal Welfare Society story. A story of how they, or someone they know, adopted a dog or cat or some other abandoned or unclaimed pet that became a cherished member of their family and provided a lifetime of happy memories. Since 1956 Geelong Animal Welfare Society has been reuniting […]


Gaws have received an overwhelming response to our callouts in local newspapers and via Facebook for donations of bedding and cat food.  Here at Reception we see people coming through the gates right from the time we open to the time we close, arms full of donations for our animals. We cannot put into words […]


Lost Cats has been really full over the past month, with 70 plus cats in most days. As Adoptions is also full, with 80 plus cats in there, we have been sending our overflow to Lost B, filling that area too. Quarantine, too, has been full. The cattery staff have worked very hard, with the […]


The dog section of the pound this year has been very impressive with the amount of reclaims compared to previous years. So far this year GAWS has received  431 dogs compared to 500 at the same time last year. There was a decrease of 36 in the amount of dogs without identification and that’s a […]


Dog adoptions had a fantastic Spring/Summer period with good adoptions numbers and the flow-through-shelter effect was right on track with dogs and pups moving through very quickly, not too many long termers. Oh how things have changed, it seems to be the onset of the cold, wet weather (this was the trend last year also), […]


Reports Our Annual Report for 2014-2015 is now available as a PDF file: GAWS 2015 Annual Report Our Annual Report for 2013-2014 is now available as a PDF file: Annual Report 2013-2014.