Lost Cats has been really full over the past month, with 70 plus cats in most days. As Adoptions is also full, with 80 plus cats in there, we have been sending our overflow to Lost B, filling that area too.

Quarantine, too, has been full. The cattery staff have worked very hard, with the assistance of our wonderful trainees and volunteers to look after our cats and promote their adoptions.  

New cleaning procedures have been put in place to deal with a cat flu outbreak and seem to be working successfully.

We have also had an interesting assortment of exotic birds, plus the odd chook, duck and ferret come to have a short stay here at GAWS.

When the pound was nearly out of cat food, the Advertiser (local Geelong newspaper) ran a feature and we have had a fantastic response with the public donating food over the past 2 weeks. This article also helped increase the enquiries about adoptions too and we have managed to rehome a number of cats and kittens which is a wonderful result.

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