Dog adoptions had a fantastic Spring/Summer period with good adoptions numbers and the flow-through-shelter effect was right on track with dogs and pups moving through very quickly, not too many long termers.

Oh how things have changed, it seems to be the onset of the cold, wet weather (this was the trend last year also), the dog adoption pens have now filled and we are doubling up! So it’s time to stay on track and keep things flowing positively.This has been trickier as we have had to say goodbye to Jess and new staff have needed to be welcomed and trained. You will probably see these new staff floating around…..say Hello!

It is always great to see our graduates back for their surgery and hear the success stories, there are so many. And for those that are returned we try, try again and usually crack it the second or sometimes third time. It’s just getting that correct match :).

Unfortunately our large dog social group has unintentionally been neglected of late, however our fantastic vollies have been still getting them out individually for walks and yard runs. Also small dog assessments still still in full swing and this is our main means of assessing small and timid dogs, and some accidental big ones! Go Ceasar!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Nadine  and Jody and all the great, dedicated dog staff. Also great work Geoff and all the reliable volunteers. It is such a team effort and we make good team.

Cheers Renee

Dog Adoptions Attendant.

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