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Leave a Bequest

Your gift will provide lasting care for animals in need

By leaving a gift in your Will you will help Geelong Animal Welfare Society make a significant difference to the lives of countless animals. We rely on bequests to help us meet the continuous demands for our services and to improve infrastructure to compete with the increasing number of animals that arrive at GAWS each year.

Sadly, many times the first we hear of a bequest is when a supporter passes away.   By notifying us your intention to leave a gift to GAWs in your Will, you can become a part of our Always and Forever program. This club allows us to recognise the generosity of our most important benefactors while they are still with us. It also enables us to invite you to events and keep you updated about our organisation and our hospital.

Worried about the future of your pet?

By leaving a bequest you can also enrol you pets in our Always and Forever Program. This program can give you peace of mind, knowing that your pets will always be completely cared for via our Permanent Foster Care program.  By joining the Always and Forever Program you can provide us with detailed information about your pet such as their likes, dislikes, their routines, favourite toys.

This information will help us find a home suitable for your pet with minimal stress for them.

To include your pet our Always and Forever Program, specific wording will be needed in your Will to allow GAWS to take full responsibility and care for your pet. A minimum bequest amount of at least $10,000 for each pet must be allowed for the ongoing veterinary costs during the life of your pet.