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Lost Pets

What to do if your pet goes missing

Lost or stray pets

Carefully search your home and make sure that your pet isn’t hiding. Be sure to check any unusual places it has access to. Ask family and friends to help you search.

Tell the neighbours that your pet is missing. They could help you look for it or just keep an eye out. Make sure you take a recent photo to show them.

Walk around the neighbourhood and call your pet’s name. If your dog is lost, concentrate on the areas where you usually take it on walks and any other places you have recently visited.

Create a ‘Lost Pet’ flyer and distribute it to houses and shops in your neighbourhood. The flyer should include a photo, your pet’s name and what it answers to, a detailed description, when and where your pet went missing, your name and contact number, and mention a reward (if applicable).

If your pet is microchipped and the details are not current, contact the microchip agency and update your details immediately.

Have a look on Facebook.

There are many Facebook pages that aim to help local people find their missing pets.

Check our Lost and strays page updated regularly

Who to contact

Local vets:

Ring your surrounding Vet clinics. Many people who find pets take them to a nearby vet clinic.

Local papers:

You can place a notice under the ’Lost and Found’ section of the local newspaper

Visit GAWS:  

The best way to check if your pet is at GAWS is to visit our shelter. If you don’t find your pet on your first visit, it will be worthwhile to visit again after a few days.
Please be sure to come into reception before leaving GAWS, if you don’t find your pet in our shelter.

Please do not rely upon phone call or photos from our website .

We regularly upload pictures of lost animals that come in to GAWS. However, due to the number of lost pets we admit to the pound and that some animals are distressed when separated from their owners, we are not always able to take a photo for the Lost Pets page.

If you do see your lost pet below, please call us on (03) 5248 2091 and quote the ID number.

When we have a lost pet come in, we start the process of trying to reunite them with their owner. We scan for microchip and will try to contact the owner via phone and/or mail.

We hold each lost animal for a statutory period of 8 days. After this time we begin the process of re-homing.

Phone Number: (03) 5248 2091

Address: 325 Portarlington Road

Moolap   3224

(We are a 5 minute drive out of the Geelong CBD.)